Termite Barrier Treatment Brisbane

When treating termites in Brisbane, LEDA Termite Management provides remedial solutions, using the market-leading Termidor termite control products. Every termite treatment conducted by LEDA is tailored to each property and situation, however, the most common remedial termite treatment is called a barrier treatment.

A barrier treatment is a 'chemical treated zone' which is installed around the outside perimeter of a house. Installing a termite barrier treatment typically involves trenching the soil areas against the outside walls of a home down to the footings, then flooding the trench with chemical and filling the trench with treated soil. Where there is concrete against the outside wall of a house, 12mm holes are drilled through the concrete at approximately 150mm from the wall and 200mm apart and chemical is injected under the concrete to treat the soil. This creates a complete treated zone around the house, protecting it from a termite attack.

Once your property has been treated, a termite inspection should be performed every 12 months to ensure that barriers have not been bridged or breached and new risk areas have not emerged.

Cost of a Termite Barrier Treatment

The cost of a termite barrier treatment is dependent on each individual property and situation.

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LEDA's Five Year Guarantee

LEDA Termite Management is confident in the service they provide, and guarantee that a barrier treatment will last for at least 5 years.

Conditions: This guarantee is subject to an annual inspection performed by LEDA Termite Management for the duration of the guarantee.


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"Doug is a very professional person in all aspects. He is knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and reliable whilst providing a hassle free and reliable termite control service for my properties. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can call on Doug's expertise. This particularly comes to mind when I recall one property that I purchased a couple of years ago, knowing that it was infested with termites in the floor boards and door frames. A call and visit from Doug had the termites under control in no time at all and they haven't been back since."

    • Chris B, Cleveland

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