Thermal Imaging Brisbane

thermalWith 25 years experience protecting Brisbane properties from termites and termite damage, the team at LEDA Termite Management knows termites. They know what termites look like; they know where termites like to hide; they know how to spot the warning signs of termites; and they know how to eradicate them.

Quite often though, termites will build their nests in places that cannot be seen by the human eye – like behind walls and under floors. Until now.

Armed with a FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera, the team at LEDA is now able to detect potential hidden termite problem areas faster, easier and with greater certainty. The Thermal Imaging Camera senses variances in surface temperature, which guides us to potential problem areas that may otherwise be missed by the human eye.

For the ultimate peace of mind, ask for thermal imaging.

If you are due for a termite inspection or need to book a pre-purchase pest inspection, be sure to request the use of a Thermal Imaging Camera.

An inspection using the Thermal Imaging Camera usually incurs an additional fee. However, if you mention that you've seen our website when you book your termite inspection or pre-purchase inspection, we'll throw it in for free!


Afraid you might have termites? Put your mind at ease.

Book an inspection today. Call LEDA on 1300 767 141.

*Must mention this offer to be eligible. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.