Termite Protection Brisbane

tubeWhat are termites?
Termites, often called white ants, are insects that live in and feed off organic materials, including wood. Thriving in humid conditions, South East Queensland is a prime location for Termites, where they are known as a major threat to homes.

Protecting your home from termites
The most common form of termite protection and termite prevention is a simple routine check. By inspecting your property on a regular basis, and installing preventative measures, you can protect your home from termites. In fact, CSIRO recommends that all homes have a regular termite inspection by a licensed pest controller. A licensed pest controller can identify any high-risk areas and advise on solutions to protect your home from termite damage.

LEDA termite protection Brisbane is a licensed pest controller and offers a range of services to protect your home from termites, including Termite Inspections, Pre-purchase Inspections and Pre-sale Inspections.

Eradicating termites from your home
LEDA also provides remedial termite treatments, such as termite barriers, to eradicate termite infestations and prevent them from returning. In the event that you find a termite nest in your home, you should call LEDA immediately to arrange an inspection. Once an inspection has been done, LEDA will recommend the best termite treatment method for your home.

LEDA Termite Management uses Termidor termite treatment products for all termite treatments, to ensure the best results are achieved.


For more information, contact LEDA on 1300 767 141.



"Doug is a very professional person in all aspects. He is knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and reliable whilst providing a hassle free and reliable termite control service for my properties. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can call on Doug's expertise. This particularly comes to mind when I recall one property that I purchased a couple of years ago, knowing that it was infested with termites in the floor boards and door frames. A call and visit from Doug had the termites under control in no time at all and they haven't been back since."

    • Chris B, Cleveland

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